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Nobuko Ashihara

Nobuko Ashihara

Mind Sketch Illustrator // Living in Moenchengladbach and Hamburg, Germany. She started her life in Germany 28 years ago and has spent most of the time in Hamburg as a corporate employee, and illustration has been always her passion. The death of her husband let her think, ”Life is short and for the rest of my life I will do whatever my soul deserves, whatever I pour my passion into.” That was the time, an illustrator NORIMA ELMA was born. Since then, her unique styled illustrations have been attracted people into her “One and Only” world. One remarkable work is “Du bist fort (You are gone)”, illustrated book and animation produced in 3 languages (Japanese, English and German) that was originally requested by one hospice in Hamburg. Arouse much comments around the world as a really touching works. Her illustrations are delivered worldwidely through book cover design, web page/banner and “Blooming Soul Image”- illustrates clients’ mental scenery by private session.

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Calendar Cover

NEW Calendar "LUMINA"

Norima Elma

Calendar 2018 available in DIN A4 and DIN A5. Purchase order:

  • norima2012 [at]
  • CD - Cover

    Chigusa Fukushima

    Cover designed by Norima Elma CD available at

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  • Videos

    ... touching you the very special way ...

    You are gone


    Also available in German & Japanese.

    German Version

    Japanese Version


    17. - 18. June 2018



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    19. - 24. June 2018



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    10. - 11. July 2018



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    Past Exhibitions

    Tokyo 14. to 15. January 2018
    at Space U, 1-12-17, Gohongi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

    Tokyo 12. to 28. January 2018
    at Kai no Kotori, 3-18-10, Simo-Ochiai, Shinjuki-ku, Tokyo

    London 01. to 23. December 2017
    at Chalice Gallery, 24 Fallow Court Avenue, London N12 OEB

    New York 09. to 16. December 2016
    at Global Labo 545 8th Ave. Suite 1410 New York, NY 10018

    Exhibition 12-2016 in NewYork
    Tokyo 20. and 21. November 2016
    at Space U / Yutenji, Tokyo

    Kyoto 26. to 28. November 2016
    at Cottage (Keibunsha) / Ichijoji, Kyoto

    Exhibition 11-2016 in Japan
    Düsseldorf 01. - 07. July 2016
    At Christengemeinschaft Düsseldorf,Tersteegenstr. 58, 40474 Düsseldorf

    Exhibition 07-2016 in Germany
    Tokyo 19. and 20. June 2016
    Osaka 26. and 27. June 2016

    Exhibition in Germany
    Hamburger Kulturfestival altonale 15 Kunst im Schaufenster „nebenan“
    20.06.- 06.07.2014
    Im Schaufenster von Marose Grosse Bergstraße 213 22767 Hamburg
    New Book
    Nobuko Ashihara-Huslage
    Vernissage am 25.März 2015 um 18 Uhr - Ausstellung: ab 26.März 2015 in den Räumen des Hamburger Hospiz im Helenenstift, Helenenstr.12, 22765 Hamburg
    Personel Exhibition „MOMENTE“ in Hamburg Personel Exhibition „MOMENTE“ in Hamburg Personel Exhibition „MOMENTE“ in Hamburg
    Hamburger Kulturfestival altonale 15 Kunst im Schaufenster „nebenan“ 20.06. - 06.07.2014
    Im Schaufenster von Wunderhaar -Frisuren und Styling Eulenstr. 89 22763 Hamburg
    New Book
    Kunst im Schaufenster „Glück“ 5.- 16.06.3013
    VON DER MOTTE fast slow food Mottenburger Twiete 14 22765 Hamburg
    Tel. 040-572 40962 Mo. geschlossen Di.-Sa. 10:00 - 22:00 www
    Hamburger Kulturfestival altonale 15

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